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2.  We’ll make you an offer

We will meet you at the property , and provide you with our fair offer at that time.

3.  Schedule a closing date that works for you at a local title company

You leave the closing with cash in hand and peace of mind!


Why sell to us?

We help you your problem disappear, no more stress!

We’re honest, fair people that genuinely want to help you

Move on with your life, and don’t look back


Make it easy on yourself

If selling with a realtor isn’t the right solution for you, we’d like to help.  We buy many houses in the Phoenix area every month.  That is our business.  We don’t want to sell your house, we want to buy it.  Our goal is to make the process easy on you, and get you the most money for it.  No matter what the problem with the house, rest easy knowing you can walk away (with cash!) and never look back.

How we make it easy:

-No repairs, no maintenance, no more payments

-No realtor fees, no showings or open houses

-No clean up

-You get a fair offer within 24 hours of speaking with us

-Pick the date you sell us your house

We take care of all the details, you just sit back and walk away with a check when you’re ready.  Imagine being rid of the headache, worry, and stress, and not having to think about where you’ll come up with next month’s payment.  Let us help!

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